Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Who am I? I am married, a mother of five children, born in the U.S. and living in Israel.

Why square peg? I grew up observant, the daughter of a Conservative rabbi. I've always been a feminist, even before I knew the word. As an adult, I stayed observant and practiced Judaism in egalitarian communities, in which women and men take part equally in all aspects of the prayer services. Over the last several years I've felt like I don't really fit into any existing categories.

Why this blog? Recently I have begun questioning my assumptions and wondering if I should be Orthodox – and if so, what stripe. My parents, Jewish educators both, managed to imbue their children with their passion for Judaism. I feel that I have failed to convey my passion for Judaism to my children, and that I need to provide them with a stronger model of observing Mitzvot. I am wrestling with many questions, but here are three of the most basic:

1. How can I increase my chances of my children and grandchildren being Shomrei Mitzvot – and at what cost to fulfilling other values?

2. What is true? What does God want of us? How can I know?

3. What empirical evidence is available to answer question #2? What are the people like in different communities? Where do they have great passion for Judaism? Where are people happier, more mature and better people? Where can people best fulfill their potential? Where is there greater justice?

This blog is a record of some of my thoughts and questions as I search for answers. I am vitally interested in your comments and perspective.

Thank you!

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Rivki said...

I will enjoy peaking in on your Journey!!!